My Office Nook

The fact that my house is anywhere close to clean, and enough so that I can easily take some photos and share our space here, is nothing short of a summer miracle.

In June I was applying to grad school, lightly entertaining the what if's of if I got accepted, and in order to process all of that, I found myself getting through a lot of cleaning. A lot. I finished unpacking, went through every closet, took car load after car load to the donation center, and ultimately found some clarity - both in my mind and in our home.

So if you'll indulge me, and for the sake of memory keeping, a little office tour below!

For the first time in my adult life, I can say that our house is done. Finished. Tidy. Clean. Decluttered. Finito.

First born of the great purge of summer 2016, this little computer nook. Tucked in a spot one would commonly use as a foyer (except we use the kitchen door, so who cares) I have a central home for all the computer happenings.

Not to sound super annoying, but I get TONS of questions on where I found that artwork, and I totally get why. The Life is Beautiful print was a gift from Mackenzie, and it's easily my favorite piece in our house. She found it at Home Goods last summer, and that's pretty much all I know! We also have a similar piece in our dining room along the same lines, that one is blue and says Stop Wishing Start Doing. If I ever find out where to get more, I'll blast it all over the internet.

And while I'm sharing where things are from, both the chair and the desk were cast offs from T's work. His office was remodeling (read: trashing all the old furniture) and as he knows me well, snagged a few and stuffed them in the trunk.

The standing lamp is from our second apartment in Blacksburg. It felt like an incredible expense at the time, and I like remembering that when I use it now. A friend sent me that mug from overseas when I designed her blog for her a few years ago, and I always get my candles at Home Goods. Best brands and prices, I think. Check it out if you haven't! 

If the weather is on my side this month, I'd like to get the rest of the house shot and put down here. I've done room tours in the past from other houses on other blogs, but now that we're so comprehensively completed, I want to make sure I get it all down here so in fifty years we can look through and remember the time we lived here.