Soup Club | Butternut Apple

Welcome to soup club! One of the very happiest parts of my week. I'm lucky enough to have stumbled into not one but TWO soup clubs in the past month or so, and I honestly don't know how I was ever truly happy before this became a part of my weekly rhythm. (I get dramatic over soup, and you would too if you were feasting on it every week.)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, soup club happens every week. I was first invited into a soup club that had been going for several weeks. There are five of us in that group, and the reason I found my way in is because one of our ladies wasn't getting through enough soup to need a full "share" if you will. It's a little easier to wrap your head around my second group, where it's just me and two other ladies I see at least every week, making for a super convenient swap set up. We deliver every Monday, and with three people involved, I'm only cooking once every three weeks.

Week one I cooked a huge pot of carrot soup (9 quarts, I believe!) and divided it up for us all. The goal is 2 quarts per family that's involved, so I had an extra three quarts that I passed on to my sister and a friend because who doesn't love being gifted some homemade soup?

Anyways, big batch of soup, divided up amongst us all, everyone gets dinner that night and only one of us had to cook. It's genius, it's easy, it's economical, it makes community happen, and my favorite part is that it's turning me on to flavors that I never would have tried on my own. For example, Ukranian Beet Stew anyone? (It was delicious. And bright pink!)

I cooked this week, choosing my favorite from Heather's 30 Day Vegan workshop, blended Butternut Squash + Apple soup. (There's a version in a different workshop that adds curry powder, and holy mama is that one delicious too.) If we're feeling fancy, we'll also include a simple side or toppings for the meal, like crusty baguettes or spicy chipotle créme fraîche. I paired this week's serving with tamari roasted pumpkin seeds, which were so quick and simple to make in the oven that I don't know why I don't make them more often! 

I'd love to hear your favorite soup recipes, or your favorite resources for seasonal soups! Right now the Farmer's Market shelves are sparse with barely anything more than root cellar apples and spicy early greens, but moving forward I'd love to make my recipe choice based on what's in season! If you know of any great soups, I'd love to hear your recipes.