A Weekend Getaway | Assateague Island, Virginia

Take me back! 

In early March we took off for an impromptu beach weekend, in honor of six years together, but also in celebration of being finished with our move and because the cabin fever was getting out of hand.

We left for Assateague early on Saturday morning, wanting to beat the weekend traffic around the city and get in some beach time before dinner. We spent only one night and while it was quite a bit of driving, after all the chaos surrounding moving three people and a dog across town while all maintaining full time life, the excuse to just sit, be still, and talk was worth every minute. And the ocean, of course. Does it ever stop catching your breath?! I sure hope not.

We made zero plans besides a hotel reservation a few days in advance and for a small little island like this, so early in the season, I think spontaneous was definitely the way to go.

Speaking of so early in the season, only two or three restaurants were even open yet! I'm sure it's in full swing now, but while we were there the roads were quiet and we barely shared the beach with anyone else. So while it was definitely chilly, it was also kind of the perfect time to go if you're looking for an escape like we were.

I have some more thoughts to share on what you should absolutely see/do/eat if you ever go, but that'll have to wait for another post. Wishing you a day that's almost as good as being at the ocean! xo, Eliza