Exploring Maine in October

Bar Harbor Buoys

Ahhh! New England in the fall! There is seriously nothing more picturesque and charming than road tripping through these beautiful states during this time of the year. Though I imagine the foliage was in it's full glory last week, this week was really the perfect time to visit. We spent the majority of our time in Maine, with a few nights in Connecticut on each end of the trip. While in Maine we noticed that the crowds weren't too dense anywhere, and we didn't have any trouble booking last minute hotel rooms. We even managed to slip into the most popular restaurants without reservations and without too long of a wait! While traveling up the coast we heard from several people that many shops, restaurants, and inns are closing up this weekend for the remainder of the season, so I'm glad we didn't put this trip off another day!

The idea to travel for our 5th anniversary has been in the works for months, and back in early September we booked an Airbnb in Brooklyn for the weekend. I imagined as the trip got closer, and as I was able to extract my brain from being 100% focused on school, the excitement to go to NYC for the first time would increase. But it didn't. There was this nagging feeling in my gut about going, and one night right before bed, we decided that a road trip up the coast of Maine sounded like a better plan to us both. We booked a few rooms and left the next Tuesday.

One of my favorite things about our trip was how within one short week we were able to eat in the heart of bustling downtown Portland, stand on an empty beach watching the ocean waves crash against the rocks, explore Acadia national park, visit and eat our way through several small towns, take in breathtaking mountain top views, and do some shopping in Freeport. I loved the variety of things to do and sights to see, and I'm sure for that reason we'll be back to visit Maine many more times in the years to come.