Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park

On our fourth day in Maine, we woke up in Bar Harbor to a thick layer of fog. It had been our goal to see the sun rise from Cadillac Mountain (the highest point on the north atlantic seaboard!), but unfortunately, the weather just wasn't going to allow for any sort of visibility. After three days of non stop running from place to place, we jumped at the opportunity to catch a few extra hours of sleep! The night before we had walked around the harbor, getting drinks at an Irish pub before settling on dinner + dessert at Galyn's just up the road, and between that and the long drive, sleep was the best decision we could have made. 

Once the sun was up, we packed up our room at the Bar Harbor Manor and walked downtown to a little inn for breakfast. We shared a few maple lattes, lobster eggs Benedict, and the homemade corned beef hash, and every bite was better than the last. I wouldn't mind that sort of breakfast experience every morning, you know? ;) After a funny snafu, we were parked at a local gas station putting some air in the Subaru tires, and then it was just a few miles on into Acadia National Park. I had driven through the park once before, years and years ago, so to go back with Thomas and see the park at our own pace was nothing short of a dream. We've got a lofty goal to see all the national parks together, and it felt incredible to be moving on that promise!

The weather stayed cold and foggy all throughout the day, misty at times and warmer at others. We walked around Jordan pond, ate at the Jordan pond house for a lunch of seafood chowder, popovers, and a local cheese plate, and we even saw a big buck walking across the road at one point! Later we took a wrong turn out of the park and stumbled into the ocean, where we had the beach to ourselves for as long as we wanted to stay.

I remember at one point we were up on top of Cadillac Mountain, and the fog was so dense we couldn't see more than a few feet around us! It was exhilarating and terrifying to know we were so high up, right on top of that mountain, so close to the edge, and yet we couldn't even see the edge of the cliffs. We took a few careful steps around, taking photos and taking it all in, and by the time we were back to the car, our shirts were entirely soaked through from the fog. It was a wild and mesmerizing experience, and not one I'll soon forget.