Portland Head Light

Leaving our hotel in Connecticut on Wednesday morning was a quick affair. After those first few beeps of the alarm we were dressed, packed up, and ready to leave in no time at all with Starbucks in hand. Our four hour drive went quickly from Bethel to the Maine state line, and the only real stop we made was for sandwiches and drinks in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Portsmouth is a funky little town that's found a way to harness the hipster aesthetic while maintaining that elusive New England charm. Our favorite spots were Lexie's (order the house cut truffle + bistro fries!) and White Heron for coffee and tea. After a fuel stop for us and the Subaru, we finished the drive into Maine.

First on the list was to slip over the bridge from Portland to Cape Elizabeth to see the lighthouse, before checking in to our Airbnb back in the city. We hit the jackpot as far as the weather was concerned and had the chance to walk around the cliffs under 70• sunshine! 

Thomas and I share a love and fascination for the ocean, and we're both drawn to the romantic and dramatic stories surrounding sailors, shipwrecks, and lighthouses. It was so beautiful to watch how the sharp rocks meet with the rich blue-green water of the atlantic ocean, and we stood and watched the waves crash against the cliffs for what felt like hours.

Thomas had never been to Maine before this trip, and I loved getting to show him some of the spots I've seen and loved a few times before. We also discovered all kinds of new places together, towns and restaurants I'm certain we'll return to again soon, and hopefully for many more years to come.