Hello! A return to blogging! Is it absurd to say, that after basically a year, I feel like I've almost forgotten how to blog? It feels odd to me that I'm finding my footing here again just as so many people are closing their blogging doors. For many blogs that I used to read and cherish daily, it's been the beginning of the end for some time now. And just as their doors are closing, mine is opening again. Onward.


A muggy month, made for enjoying tomato soup, listening to old Garth Brooks songs on repeat, and organizing the linen closet before the months of I need an extra blanket fully arrive.

Roasted Tomoatoes

This morning I roasted a bagful of cherry tomatoes with a quick drizzle of olive oil, freshly chopped garlic, and basil from our porch's herb garden for forty minutes or so in the oven, set to 375•. After they roasted I let them cool for just a moment before scooping them into a dish and clicking on my beloved kitchen sidekick, the immersion blender. Tonight I'll add some chicken broth, parmesan, s+p, and cream and we'll enjoy these local tomatoes as soup. If I'm feeling fancy (which let's be serious, I mostly always am) I might make some dutch oven bread to go with the soup, because it's August after all and if not now, when?

(Full disclosure: We're probably out of heavy cream, as I usually only buy it for holiday baking, so I'll likely add some sour cream and/or whole milk. We'll see how it goes. But if you find yourself making tomato soup from scratch, I'd say it's almost worth a trek to the store just so you can taste that cream in your soup. It's divine.)

This vibrant soup marks August for me every year, the perfect spot between two seasons.

When the days are slow enough to prepare dinner before noon but the farmers market is still bursting at the seams and friends are saying "Do you want some tomatoes? We have tons!"

When summer is fading and autumn is poking her crisp head into our humid Virginia mornings.

A time for beginnings.

Fresh Basil