5 days of 365!

Woohoo! Just dropping in to write a little celebratory love note to myself in honor of my 365 photo project. Quite simply, a photo a day for the entire year. As of today, I have successfully toted my camera around with me in public places, taken several photos each day, and I've even taken the time to edit and post one right here every day since I started. Off to a solid start!

2017 | Align

We woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow! Flakes were falling as I fell asleep last night, and there was no way that I would have forgotten that I'd be waking up to a blanket of white. As my eyes were first fluttering open I was filled with an enormous sense of joy as the morning light, reflected off the white snow, bounced around our bedroom. Warm and glowing light is hard to come by during winter in Virginia, and for as much as I love the winter, the morning light actually left me craving a hot, July beach day.

This last week of detoxing on Whole30, and wrapping up my courses for school, has left me feeling mostly drained. I've been waking up feeling exhausted, and going to bed feeling even more off. However this morning something had shifted - all the tinctures, deep breathing, and meditating must have culminated in a little dose of happiness for me, and as that coupled with the snow, it felt like the first day of my new year. Of course technically I rang in 2017 with everyone else, but after crashing early on Dec. 31st and spending all of Jan. 1st editing my final paper, I think I'll declare today my personal new years.

In light of the new years energy, I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to kickstart my first day of my first 365 project! After making a (compliant) coconut latte, I sat down and had an opening ceremony of sorts for my new word for the new year: Align. I set some intentions and marked my commitment to them with a new bracelet from The Jones Market, picked up just for this occasion. I am looking forward to what areas of my life will see the most change this year, and I'm excited to bring aligning energy into every area around me. By 2018 I hope to have made a million tiny changes, that all result in a more aligned sense of self and sense of being. 

Cheers to a happy new year, even if it starts a few days late.